Ted Williams & George Bush Interview

In this 15 minute video WINGS Sports  did of  Ted Williams talking  about the Bush Family on  January 18, 2000.  Ted Williams came up to New Hampshire that day to help George W. Bush get elected president.  Looking at some of the facts shown here most likely he was very successful in doing that and I believe his efforts won the 2000 election for Bush.   Most of what Williams said  that  day about the Bush Family also applies to Jeb Bush and I am hoping  it will again help out another member of the Bush Family in this upcoming election .  In addition. I don’t believe Ted Williams received as much credit  as he should have for his efforts in that 2000 election. and this page will help show that.

Frank W. Wing.


This WINGS TV exclusive was Ted Williams’ last television interview and just maybe, the most in-depth, television interview Ted ever did.  Adding to its magnitude is the fact that the interview was done with George W. Bush sitting besides Ted asking Ted most of the questions.  The pictures on these pages and these videos  are of the exclusive interview we did during the day we spent with Ted Williams in his hotel room at the Holiday Inn Center of New Hampshire in Manchester on January 18th 2000.   Our WINGS Sports Crew spent the entire afternoon from 11:30 am till 6:00 pm in Williams’ room that day videotaping several interviews This above 15 minute video clearly shows the close ties the Bush family had with the Boston Red Sox All Star Ted Williams. Ted  came up from Florida  to Manchester, NH that day to attend the New Hampshire Baseball Dinner and also to help out George W. Bush in his campaign for President.  The video has received wide coverage throughout Hampshire on many of the local cable channels as well as on all the Boston area television stations..

Some of the things Williams talked about with Bush included how he got started in baseball, times that he has had with the Bush family over the years and why he though Joe Jackson should be admitted into the Hall of Fame.

 The event that Williams and Bush were attending that evening was the 2000 New Hampshire Baseball Dinner.  This event was just prior to the February New Hampshire Presidential Primary with the hopes that it would help George W. Bush win the primary over Senator John McCain.  Ted Williams had flown from Florida for this event and for this show to publicly endorse Bush over McCain.  I was unaware that day and somewhat surprised to later learn that Senator McCain, like the Bush’s, was also a very close and lifetime friend of Ted Williams.   McCain in his recent book also mentioned this event and that he was bewildered by Williams’ endorsement of his opponent in that election.   Although, I don’t have an answer for McCain, I do know that I didn’t hear Williams or anyone else in that room that day say anything about Senator McCain, either positive or negative.  Therefore, for whatever the reason, I don’t think Williams had any negative feelings towards McCain.  I just think Williams believed Bush would be a better President.

Former President George W. Bush shakes hands with Mike Montecealvo

In any case, McCain won the New Hampshire Primary in February over George W. Bush.  Senator McCain, received 115,606 or 48.53 percent of the votes to Bush’s 72,330 or 30.36 percent of the votes.   In addition, Al Gore also received more votes in the Democratic Primary than did Bush.  Gore received 76,897 votes to Bush’s 72,330 in the Republican Primary.  For lack of time and other reasons, this show and the New Hampshire Primary didn’t get the results Ted Williams and the Bush Committee had hoped for.  This television show was only shown once, or possibly twice, on New Hampshire cable television before the February primary.

However, after the New Hampshire February Primary things started to improve for George Bush.  I attended the “NAB”  “National Association of Broadcasters Convention in April and purchased a book listing all the cable companies in NH and the country. After sending out copies to them along with some GOP supporters.   Copies of this show were also sent to several cable stations throughout other New England states.    As a result, this show was aired on various broadcast and cable stations throughout Connecticut, New Hampshire, Massachusetts and Rhode Island.   Likewise, the show was mentioned in various newspaper articles, television shows, and radio station programs throughout New England.    It also gained national attention when it was mentioned in an article that appeared in  “USA Today”.

New Hampshire Baseball Director Chris Morgan with President Bush

New Hampshire Baseball Director Chris Morgan with President Bush

In the November 2000 National Presidential Election,  George W. Bush carried New Hampshire by only 1.27 percent with  273,559 votes or 48.07 percent to Albert Gore’s 266,348 votes or 46.80 percent.  With Bush winning the four electoral votes in New Hampshire he had five more votes than Al Gore.  Therefore, Bush won the Presidential Election with 271 electoral votes to Al Gore’s 266.  If Gore had taken New Hampshire he would have gained New Hampshire’s four electoral votes and beat Bush in the 2000 Presidential Election 270 votes to 262.

As this video below clearly shows the Boston Red Sox “Number 9”  Ted Williams played a major roll with his support and endorsement in helping George W. Bush win the 2000 Presidential Election and most likely won the 2000 Presidential Election for Bush.   Likewise, it is my belief that this video along with some other support Williams gave to Bush in New Hampshire actually won the State of New Hampshire for Bush and thereby won the US 2000 Election for him.
I was able to arrange this interview with the help of Andrew Card, who became Bush’s Chief of Staff and Chris Morgan from the NH Baseball Dinner Committee along with several loyal NH Republicans..


This chart clearly shows how important Ted Williams’ help in Bush winning New Hampshire was to the  2000 Presidential Election.  New Hampshire was the only North Eastern State Bush won that year.   If Bush lost New Hampshire that year he would of lost the election.
Vice Presidential
Popular Vote Electoral Vote
George W. Bush Richard Cheney Republican 50,462,412 47.87% 271 50.4%
Albert Gore Jr. Joseph Lieberman Democratic 51,009,810 48.38% 266 49.4%
Ralph Nader Winona LaDuke Green 2,883,443 2.74% 0 0.0%
Patrick Buchanan Ezola Foster Reform 449,181 0.43% 0 0.0%
Harry Browne Art Olivier Libertarian 384,532 0.36% 0 0.0%
Y Other (+) 236,607 0.22% 0 0.0%
Total 105,425,985 538
Seal Map Key

 > 40%
 > 50%
 > 60%
 > 70%
 > 80%
Voter Turnout Graph
Popular Vote Pie Chart Electoral Vote Pie Chart
2000 National Map of General Election Results for President
Elec Vote Button
County Map Button
Cong Dist Map Button
VAP Button
REG Button
Home State Button
Per Vote Democratic Button
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United States presidential election in New Hampshire, 2000

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United States presidential election in New Hampshire, 2000
New Hampshire

1996 ← November 7, 2000 → 2004

George-W-Bush.jpeg Al Gore, Vice President of the United States, official portrait 1994.jpg
Nominee George W. Bush Al Gore
Party Republican Democratic
Home state Texas Tennessee
Running mate Dick Cheney Joe Lieberman
Electoral vote 4 0
Popular vote 273,559 266,348
Percentage 48.07% 46.80%

New Hampshire Election Results by County, 2000.svg

County Results


President before election
Bill Clinton
Elected President
George W. Bush

The 2000 United States presidential election in New Hampshire took place on November 7, 2000 throughout all 50 states and D.C., which was part of the 2000 United States presidential election. Voters chose 4 representatives, or electors to the Electoral College, who voted for president and vice president.

New Hampshire was a crucial swing state, in which Republican Texas Governor George W. Bush was able to pull a major upset over Democratic Vice President Al Gore, receiving 48% of the vote to Gore’s 47%, while Ralph Nader received almost 4% of the vote in the state. Bush also won New Hampshire’s 1st congressional district. Had Gore won in New Hampshire, he would have therefore won the presidency.

As of 2015, this is the last time that a Republican presidential candidate won any state in the New England region. New Hampshire would later go on to vote for democrat John Kerry in 2004 by a narrow margin, and Democrat Barack Obama in 2008 and 2012 by larger margins.

New Hampshire was by 2000 considered to be a swing state in otherwise solidly liberal New England. While it had been a Republican stronghold for Ronald Reagan and George H.W. Bush in the 1980s, Democrat Bill Clinton managed to win the state two elections in a row in the 1990s, and the state was a toss-up in 2000. Bush narrowly eked out a win, with a plurality of 48% of the vote over Gore’s 47%. A major contributing factor to Bush’s victory is that 5% of the state voted for a third party candidate, mostly for left-leaning Green Party candidate Ralph Nader, who took votes away from Gore. (Interestingly, there has been much focus on the Nader vote in Florida as the determining factor in swinging the election to Bush, but a much smaller number of Nader voters in New Hampshire made a difference in the state’s electoral vote going to Bush. If less than half of the approximately 22,000 Nader votes in New Hampshire had been cast for Gore, he would have received the state’s electoral votes and been elected president.) Bush won 6 of the 10 counties, including winning Belknap County with over 55% and winning every town. Bush also won in New Hampshire’s 1st congressional district.


United States presidential election in New Hampshire, 2000
Party Candidate Running mate Votes Percentage Electoral votes
Republican George Bush Dick Cheney 273,559 48.07% 0
Democratic Al Gore Joe Lieberman 266,348 46.80% 0
Green Ralph Nader Winona LaDuke 22,198 3.70% 0
Libertarian Harry Browne Art Olivier 2,757 0.48% 0
Reform Pat Buchanan Ezola Foster 2,615 0.46% 0
Others 1,604 0.29% 0
Totals 100.00% 4


Check out the link below to see the whole half hour show,


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